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DIY Tips to Get Fair Skin Naturally at Home

Getting a fair skin naturally is a dream and desire for a volley of girls. Almost everyone tries so many of the cosmetics which are available in the market in the hope that they will get a fair skin. However most of the time, they end up in vain after spending lots of money on such costly fairness cosmetics. With lots of options available at home alone, the best way is to look at those tips which can help you get a beautiful and glowing skin at home without wasting thousands of bucks. In this post,  i will be talking about a few of these natural remedies which you can use.

Home Remedies for Fair Skin
You can improve your skin complexion at home by following some of the effective home remedies for fair skin: Before you proceed, it is essential that your face is clean and dirt free. So, it is better that you wash your face with water.

Try to avoid any of the soap on your face because soaps are not considered to be good for your face skin. Instead of soaps it is recommended that you should apply unpeeled green gram flour on your face. It not only improves your complexion but also keeps the skin cold and soft.
      Neem leaves are said to be effective in fairness and also in reducing acne. So, just grind neem leaves and make it into a fine paste and apply for around 15 minutes and then wash with warm water. Follow it regularly.
      Fresh lemon juice works wonders on your skin, it is a strong natural bleaching agent and is known to not just reduce the dark spots, blemishes but also helps in giving you a fair skin.
       Apply curd on the skin to get a whiter complexion, it is one of the best treatments for getting a fair skin naturally. Curd is said to contain zinc and lactic acid and both these are said to be very effective whitening agents.
     You can also squeeze a potato in a bowl and apply its juice on the face and neck regularly. You will see a visible change in your skin color in a few weeks only.
      Almond oil and olive oil are also said to make your skin fair naturally. You can apply either of the two in a regular manner and see a marked difference. It also helps in removing dark circles under eyes and brings a glow to your face.
       Saffron works wonders as a whitening agent. You can just add a pinch of saffron in milk, keep it for sometime till it gets dissolved and then apply it on the face. Your face will start glowing in a few weeks time.

Home made face masks for Fair Skin
There are various kinds of face masks which can be made at home and applied on the skin to get fair complexion. These are easy to make face masks and contain no harmful chemicals so you don’t have to fear while applying the same.

Face Pack of Honey, Lemon, Turmeric:
A face pack made up of honey, lemon juice and turmeric is said to be very effective in treating dark complexion. In fact it can work equally well even for skin lightening of African Americans too. You just have to mix all these into a fine paste and apply on the face for 10 minutes and then wash with lukewarm water. This pack not only helps in making the skin tone lighter but also reduces the accumulation of excessive oil on your skin.

Face Pack of Almonds:
If you do not want to use almond oil on your face, then you can surely opt for almond face pack. Just take 4-5 pieces of almonds and grind them. Mix one teaspoon of honey into it and apply on your face. It not only gives you fair complexion but almond face pack is said to be a good moisturiser also.

Face Pack of Orange Peel
Oranges are said to be effective bleaching agents and belong to the family of citrus fruits. You can take orange peel and grind them into a fine paste. Add some milk into it and apply on the face and neck. This not only bleaches the skin and makes the skin white but if use it over a regular period of time it will also bring shine to the face.

Face Pack of Coconut Milk
It is regarded as one of the best face packs in terms of skin whitening. You just need to take the cream from the milk and mix it with coconut milk. It is better if you apply it on your whole body half an hour before you go for bath. Due to milk, your skin will get moisturised naturally and coconut milk will help in improving your skin complexion.

Effective Tips for Skin Care
Taking effective care of your skin is very much imperative so you have to take a whole lot of precautions in order to retain the skin color.
·       If you are a working woman and have to be out in the sun for long periods of time, then it is advised that you should cover your skin. Excessive exposure to sun may cause not just darker skin but is also leads to sun burn and sun tan. So try to avoid sun as much as possible. Take an umbrella, wear hat or scarf.
   Using a sunscreen daily when you go out is also effective in keeping your skin safe from harmful sun rays. Make sure you are using a sunscreen of UV factor 30+.

·       You also need to follow a good skin care regimen if you want to retain your skin glow and texture. This involves using a good moisturiser on your skin, applying facial cleansers and don’t forget to remove your makeup at night time.

Fair Skin and Diet
What you eat is also reflected on your skin. Make sure you are following a healthy and balanced lifestyle and taking only rich fiber diet.
  • It is important that you drink at least 8-10 glasses of water on an average. Most of the skin problems like acne, pimples or dryness tend to get removed with water so keep your skin hydrated all the time.
  • Stay away from oily foods. We all love to eat them but they are not good for your skin so it is best to avoid them or eat in little amount.

Surely getting a fair skin naturally is only a step away from you now, go ahead and give your skin a new radiant glow by following the above mentioned steps because we always believe that “a woman deserves to look beautiful”.


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