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How to Exfoliate Face at Home Using Natural Scrubs for Face

With our age, the skin too becomes old and certainly gives way to dull look. Our face starts wearing a worn out look. In such a situation, exfoliating face and body at home becomes very much essential. Exfoliation once a week at least is important since it helps the body get rid of dead skin layers giving way to fresh skin to come out.

Regular face exfoliation is said to be the best way to keep your face glowing and look healthy. Most of the time we tend to neglect face exfoliation, though it is an integral part of our skin care programme. This is effective all the more because it helps in treatment of acne and pimples and prevents them from erupting too.

Exfoliation Benefits
If you have been wondering is exfoliation really necessary for you then the answer is a big YES. Exfoliation has a wide variety of benefits and leads to a healthy skin.
  • Exfoliation removes the dead skin layers.
  • It helps in improving your complexion.
  • The skin looks brighter and smoother too.
  • It helps to improve the blood circulation.
  • The face gets a bright glow.
  • It helps in erasing wrinkles and fine lines from the face.

How to Exfoliate face at home
You  don’t have to go to a beauty expert for exfoliation, rather you can do it yourself at home also. It requires the following steps which you need to follow:

Cleansing your face with a mild cleanser is the first step towards exfoliation. This helps in removing the impurities from your face.

Just wet your face and apply with soft hands an exfoliating cleanser which is specifically designed for your face.

Just scrub in circular motions softly. Make sure you are not using the scrub on the eye area because 
the skin of the eye is very sensitive.

After you have scrubbed your face well, rinse with lukewarm water.

Once you pat dry your face, you can apply an exfoliating mask which is good enough to bring a glow to your face.

Lastly, don’t forget to use a nourishing cream on your face which will moisturise your skin well.

Home made exfoliating Scrubs for Face
There are various scrubs which you can make at home for exfoliation, these are easy to make and are effective also.  Most importantly, they are free from any of the harmful chemicals too so your skin will not get affected by the same.

Oatmeal Scrub for exfoliation – this is an easy to make scrub for exfoliation at home. Just take 2 teaspoons of oatmeal, ¼ cup of fullers earth and ¼ cup dried orange peel. Make a smooth paste of all these ingredients by adding some water to it and then use as a face scrub. It acts as the perfect face scrub if used regularly and helps to remove the dead skin layers.

Honey Scrub for exfoliation- scrub made from honey can just be the best for your skin because honey acts as moisturiser also. Mix 1 tablespoon of honey with 2 tablespoon of grounded almonds paste.  Apply some lemon juice to this paste and apply on the face. Gently exfoliate your skin with this face scrub and it will not just exfoliate but also give a glow to your face.
Honey and Sea Salt Scrub for exfoliation- all you need to make this scrub is 2 teaspoons of honey and teaspoons of sea salt, mix the two and apply evenly on your face. Rub gently. You can even have  Cuccio Naturale Milk and Honey Sea Salts for Body, Hands and Feet which is available at Amazon

Exfoliating your lips with sugar- it is not just your face which needs exfoliation rather your lips too need to be exfoliated if you want pink and beautiful lips. Soft lips are desired by almost every one of us because it enhances the looks of your face. So, if you want soft and pink lips then exfoliate your lips with sugar. Sugar is regarded as one of the best exfoliants because it makes the skin smooth.

How to exfoliate with sugar- In order to exfoliate your lips with sugar, just take 1 teaspoon of sugar and mix it with olive oil. Slowly dab it on your lips and leave for around 5 minutes and then wipe with a wet cloth and wash. You can thereon apply a lip balm for moisturising the lips.
You can also exfoliate your lips with sugar and honey. Just add sugar to 1 teaspoon of honey and gently rub on your lips. Keep for a few minutes followed by washing with water.

How to exfoliate:
There are various ways to exfoliate. These include using a pumice stone for your body especially your feet, ankles and elbows.
Loofah for exfoliation is certainly the best. You can use it to exfoliate your entire body like arms, legs and back. It is effective in improving your blood circulation and makes the skin soft and supple.
There are various exfoliating creams too which are available in the market and which have granules which are effective in removing the dead skin cells.

Exfoliate At Home: Tips
It is recommended that you should go for face exfoliation just one or twice a week not much.
If the exfoliating scrub has coarse granules, then you should apply it with soft hands and don’t be hard on your skin because the skin of the face is sensitive than the rest of the body.
Exfoliation should not be done in case of acne.
The best time for exfoliation is early morning, so try to use this time for exfoliating your face and body. 


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