Saturday, December 28, 2013

TOO FACED The Chocolate Bar Eye Palette

TOO FACED The Chocolate Bar Eye Palette
TOO FACED The Chocolate Bar Eye Palette: Well definitely this is going to be a must have for all the chocolate lovers. The mere 'chocolate bar' makes me yummy yummy. Too Faced couldn't have done a better thing. This eye palette contains as many as 16 gorgeous shades to choose from and from the looks I can each of the shade is simply perfect for the party look. These chocolate inspired shades have been made from real cocoa powder. when i use these i am going to have chocolate not just in my mouth but on my eyes too..Sounds interesting. What i loved knowing about this chocolate bar eye palette is the reason behind its formation. 

The idea for this came to the mind of Too Faced Co Founder- Jerrod Blandino when he was undergoing a chocolate massage. He got to know about the healing benefits of chocolate and how it has beauty benefits too. Thus was created this chocolaty eye palette with richly pigmented and smooth shadows which are all natural. 

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

5 Amazing Christmas Gift Cards for Makeup and Beauty Lovers

Here is some good news for all the makeup addicts reading this post. If you are thinking as to what kind of gift you should buy for your female friend who too just like is obsessed with makeup the why not gift her a beauty gift card this Christmas. I am damn sure she will be on cloud nine to receive this as a gift. 

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