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Applying Liquid Foundation

Applying liquid foundation is an essential aspect of your makeup routine; it has to be done in the right manner if you want to look glowing and flawless. But applying it can be tough if you do not know the basic rules. I have many a times really struggled with applying liquid foundation because it was leaving a not so good look on my face. There are certain important rules to be followed when choosing the liquid foundation as well as applying it. These days almost every girl wants to wear makeup in a way that it looks natural and not overdone. It is owing to this reason that liquid foundation has become very popular not just among the celebrities but amongst all.

Liquid foundation is good for those who have flaky skin or dry skin because owing to the moisturizing ingredients which are present in the liquid foundation, your skin gets moisturized too.

How to apply liquid foundation

  • After washing and cleaning your face, you should moisturize your face with a good moisturizing cream. 
  • If you have to spend lots of time outdoor in the sun then apply sunscreen too.
  • Choosing the right colour of liquid foundation is very much important so that it gets blend properly with your skin tone. It is therefore recommended that before applying on your complete face, just test it on your jaw line or wrist.
  • Just take a bit of foundation on your finger and with your index finger try to apply it on your face.
  • When applying liquid foundation on your face, you must remember that you should apply on small areas with your finger and make sure it gets blend properly before moving on to the other.
  • A makeup sponge can also be used for applying liquid foundation evenly on your face and neck. A synthetic sponge or a natural sponge can also be used.
  • Once applied, you need to set the foundation properly do this either with a tissue or just apply loose powder.
tips for applying foundation
Get a soft look by applying liquid foundation

Tips for applying liquid foundation
  • You must always start applying the foundation from your T zone and then blend outwards.
  • You must blend it even before it has dried on your face or else it can leave spots.
  • You can apply it with a dense flat top brush also. One dip is sufficient for the liquid foundation to be applied on your nose tip, cheeks and the borders of the face.
  • Once you have put the foundation all over your face, it is now important that in circular motions, with a brush you bluff your entire face so that unevenness can be removed and there are no imperfections.
  • Don’t forget to apply a loose powder, a blush or highlighter after you have put the liquid foundation, because it adds to the shine on the face.
Types of liquid foundation

There are almost a variety of liquid foundations to choose from depending upon your preference and makeup budget. There are some of the very popular brands in the market today and we are just putting down a few of the best types of liquid foundation:

liquid foundation

Make Up Forever HD Invisible Cover Foundation
It is an oil free liquid foundation which is best suited to cover the skin imperfections. It gives a natural look to the face. Bascially designed for models and celebrities who are always in sharp focus. The positive aspect is that  it protects your face from harsh lights. It comes in as many as 25 shades and hence can suit all skin types.

It is a fluid mist foundation and gives an air brush effect. It helps to even out the skin tones and gives a glowing look. It helps in removing the irregularities of the skin and consists of 'Ultra Fine Diffusion Technology'. Perfect for optimal radiance and glow on your skin. You would surely love it!! (Buy Now)

Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation

Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation
If you are desirous of getting a radiant glow then this is for you. It nourishes the skin, improves skin texture and gives it luminosity. It has a rich creamy texture and blends perfectly well with all skin types. If you are having a high pigmentation skin then go for it. It is oil free and suited for all skin types. (Buy Now)

applying liquid foundation
Clinique Even Better Makeup SPF 15

Clinique Even Better Makeup SPF 15
The unique feature of this foundation is that it is dermatologically developed. It helps to bring a shine to the face and adds glow to the looks. Even if you don’t wear makeup, just putting this will make your skin brighten and your skin texture too will improve. It helps to reduce the occurrence of age spots.


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