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Ombre Hair Color Trends 2013

 Ombre hair color appears to be the hottest trend amongst the celebrities. Walking the red carpet in ombre hair, these celebrities looked ravishing in ombre as it looks just perfect as the natural color. Ombre hair color trends will continue in 2013 too because it is so easy to carry on and gives your hair a new dimension too. 

What kind of ombre will suit you will surely depend upon your hair texture. It also matters how you want it to look depending upon your face structure and personality too. The word ‘ombre’ is a French word which implies ‘shaded’. In order to achieve ombre haircolor, balayage technique is mostly adopted. It works good for those who don’t want to maintain their hair due to their busy schedule.

Ombre hair in 2013 is surely going to make its marks not just amongst the Hollywood celebrities but amongst all those gorgeous girls who want to look beautiful in their new hairdo. So, if you are wondering as to the kind of hair color you want for the New Year, go for it. This was earlier popular only in fashion shows and rich woman of US but now it is slowly gripping the entire female population. 

Ombre Hair Color Features:
In 2012 we saw a wide variety of hair colors which were worth trying. More and more were a perfect combination of dark and light hair color shades. Ombre hair color too falls in this line though with a difference. In 2013, this amazing look will continue owing to its dazzling looks.
You cannot wear ombre on your own at home rather you would need a good hair stylist to do the same. Don’t experiment with it at your home.

It matters a lot the way you are wearing your makeup with ombre. Your lipstick or lip gloss will really act as a compliment to your hair color so make sure you are choosing the right lip color.

Ombre Hair Color how to:
Ombre hair is half blonde and half brown in looks. It is darker at the roots of the hair but lighter at the tips. It is receiving rave reviews by the fashion analysts but some even call it as a lazy hairstyle too. It is  basically a hair color in contrasts and this is what makes it different and unique from rest of the hair colors. However what one has to make sure is that the transformation from dark to light color should appear just normal and not intriguing. At first instance it appears to be an easy look but to give it an international appeal is tough and this is where the role of hair stylist comes into play all the more.
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You have to select the right hair color shade for your tresses and the highlighting technique too has to be the most suitable one for you. Before you go for ombre hair, just make sure that you are putting emphasis on almost each minute aspect of your hair and hair color. A perfect analysis is a must if you really want to get the celebrity ombre look. A lot of hair stylists prefer to paint the highlights with hands only and this gives it a more natural look though it might appear to be time consuming too.

The kind of ombre hair color wants could vary from hard to soft one, it surely depends upon your choice of preference. In soft look of ombre, there are only a few highlights created while with the hard one, the highlights too becomes dark and more.

Ombre hair is basically a color of summer season. However, the good aspect of this hair color is that you don’t have to visit the salon regularly for the touch up rather it requires less care than other hair color.

How to care for Ombre Hair Color:
If you have finally decided to go for ombre hair color in 2013, then you also need to know as to  how to maintain the same. You need to buy a sulphate free shampoo and also have to wash your tresses on a regular basis. Most importantly you have to invest your money on hair products of good quality which will help you to retain the color and quality of your hair. Choose those hair products which have restorative properties and prevents damage. You might be interested in reading on best hair loss shampoos

Ombre hair color tips:
This is a good technique for those who want to try hair color for the first time.
Ombre hair technique doesn’t go well with using foils, so avoid them because they may create lines of demarcation which will be clearly visible. The lightener which you are using has to be moist. Ombre hair color involves two step process. The base color has to be done first and then the highlights. Just go for it and surely you’ll love the new ombre hair color in 2013.

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