Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Eye Paint Collection from NARS... You Must Have

nars paint collection 2013

The very look of NARS Eye Paint Collection caught my attention. These appear so beautiful, bright and bold for the eyes that i am damn sure you too must be willing to have these in your eye makeup collection. These act both as an eye shadow as well as an eyeliner- two in one. The weightless gel forumla of these eye paints will give your eyes a long lasting coverage and also a quick dry.  These paints blends well into your eyes and thereby makes your eyes look subtle as well as vibrant. Have a look at these vivid eye colors:

  • Black Valley (black)
  • Mesopotamia (brown)
  • Transvaal (grey)
  • Solomon Islands (turquoise blue)
  • Mozambique (olive)
  • Snake Eyes (black with green shimmer)
  • Tatar (black with purple shimmer)
  • Ubangi (black with blue shimmer)
  • Interstellar (silver)
  • Iskandar (gold)

Unique Features of the NARS Eye Paints

These eye paints are pretty amazing since they will give versatality to your eye makeup. Applying these, you can highlight, line as well as give shade to your eyes depending upon your requirements. You can use these shades for as long as 18 hours. These eye paints are highly saturated but glides well onto your eyes. You can use the NARS Gentle Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover for removing these paints from your eyes. You can apply these eye paints with Angled Eye Liner Blush #38. Each of these shades is available for only $25

Interstellar (silver)

Mozambique (olive)

Ubangi (black with blue shimmer)

Mesopotamia (brown)

Tatar (black with purple shimmer)

Iskandar (gold)

Solomon Islands (turquoise blue)

Black Valley (black)

Snake Eyes (black with green shimmer)


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