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Latest Nail Trends 2013

latest nail trends 2013
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Nail trends always remain a rage amongst women. With 2013 just a few days, it becomes imperative to have a look at the latest nail trends which will remain popular in 2013 too. With Hollywood celebrities adorning variety of nail colors, nail polish too seems to have become as important a part of fashion as bags or jewellery.

In order to enjoy and express your latest nail trends it is very essential that you have done a proper manicure, so that your hands look clean and beautiful to adorn the new nail color.

Glittery Metallic Nail Color: these are gorgeous nail colors. These are the hot favourite of all fashion shows and surely will continue tGlitteryo remain so in the coming months too. They work the best for you if you want to match them with your latest jewellery color and designs.

Greige/Mushroom/Taupe Nail Color: One of the finest nail colour which is gaining in popularity. They appear to be universal colors with a bit of flattery ! The good aspect is that they tend to go on with any outfit you wear. They work the best for the college going girls as well as for working women.

Icy Blue: This may come as a surprise nail polish color to you but this looks awesome. The Icy Blue nail color has made a strong comeback and is here to stay. It has subtle shimmer which adds the glow to your nails. It will surely set you apart from the crowd so why not give it a try?

Pastels Nail Colors: This is a hot favourite color of the spring season. You can try it in winters too to give it a new look. Go for something like baby pink, mint green or lavender and your hands will look stunning.

Matte Nail Colors: Why not try something really different this new year. So, if you haven’t tried with the nail colors, go for matte. They look hot in winters.

Gold Nail Color
Gold Nail Color

Gold Nail Color: They were the most visible in the winter top trends for 2012 and so will remain in 2013 also. Gold polish shades which will look stunning in summer includes pale, metallic and opaque. They are not just classy but trendy too. if you want something more flashy for the night out then you can go for gold polishes which come with shimmer.

Bright orange: Bright orange nail colors will rule the summers of 2013. This is however not for all but only for those girls who are really ready to experiment with some bold colors.

Light  pink nail colors
Light  pink nail colors

Light  pink nail colors: They are surely the most versatile of all the nail colors and almost all girls love to wear them.

Minx Nails: Minx nails are immensely popular amongst the black celebrities. And with Lady Gaga too wearing this is all the more hit, so why not you too go for it.
If you go by the Cosmopolitan’s December 2011 issue, you will be amazed to know that
navy is the new black in nail-polish land. And it goes perfectly with blue-lined eyes and an indigo frock”.

Earthy greens and blues, Nude Nails, Taupe Nails, Ombre Nail trends are some other latest nail trends 2012 which you must give a try and definitely you’ll love it gals!

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