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Two Toned Lips is the Latest Lip Trend

So you thought it was just ombre hair and ombre nails which have been the rage all these years, nah…I bet you are forgetting something..its ombre lips or two toned lips which too are making the girls go crazy and wild. Believe me it looks super sexy to check these girls out. So, in this post I have a sneak peak at two toned lips, how to do two toned lips as well as give you a view of some pics which I liked on the beauty blogs. Read on and don’t forget to like and share.

Well, we girls are pretty puzzled when it comes to choosing which lipcolor suits our looks on one day or the other be it going to a party or just for fun. But now with ombre lips being the latest buzz, we have a chance to go for two lip colors…ahaa….made our choices so easy isn’t?

What is Two Lip Color Trend?
For those who are still thinking as to what this two lip color trend is, let me tell you lovely ladies that this is in thing in 2013. Here, you apply two lip shades on your lips instead of just one single shade of lipstick. Now it is all upto you how you want these two shades to appear. Variations are of course your own choice. You may even go for an ombre effect by applying one shade in the centre of the lips and the other shade on the outer of the lips. You can opt for applying lighter shade in the middle and darker outwards or vice versa. It’s your decision as it’s your lips!!!

Two Toned Lips ombre lips

Why Two Toned Lips are Such a Rage?
Definitely these ombre lips have become such a rage as they give you such a massive space for creativity which wasn’t there otherwise in single lip color. You can simply play up with the colors on your lips now and give an ombre effect to your lips just like you have been giving to your hair and nails too.

Two Toned Lips ombre lips

How to Do Two Toned Lips?
If you have been pretty thinking the right way to do the two toned lips, this short info will surely come handy to you:

Just choose two different shades of lip colors which need to compliment each other in hue and texture. 

You can pair a shiny bottom lip with a top matte lip to get a dramatic effect or else go for a shiny top lip 
with a bottom matte lip to get a perfect cool style.

Just apply the lip colors with a soft lip brush and you don’t have to worry about using a liner here.

Two Toned Lips ombre lips

So this was it, hope my lovely friends enjoyed knowing all about two toned lips, but I would be more than happy to hear from you: would you be trying two toned lips, are you excited about it or have you tried it already???

Let me know…let me know…I would love to know your side of the story, do leave your feedback in the comment box below.

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