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DD Creams Comes After BB Creams and CC Creams

Omg…omg..this was my reaction when I first read that after bb creams and cc creams here comes the new dd creams in the market. I was really wondering whether we are going to witness a new revolution in beauty industry with almost all the alphabets coming to life? Who knows ee creams or ff creams too might be in the development process. Anyways, this post will give you a sneak peak into the world of DD Creams. So, all those who are still not familiar with these might read on:

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So What are DD Creams?

DD creams primarily stands for daily defense cream and are said to target your foot and body. They come with a heavy duty texture and this is what makes them different from their counterparts BB and CC creams. Right now they have been launched in UK.
How are DD Creams different from BB Creams?

Well according to beauty reports, dd creams won’t be targeting your skin complexion as has been the case with bb creams and cc creams, rather they are going to lay their focus on your body and feet and thus for this reason they are called as daily defence cream.

what are dd creams

Are DD Creams Available in the Market?

Till now it is only Julep which has come ahead with DD Crème and DD Concealer. DD Crème is being seen by Julep as ‘dynamic do all’ crème which comes with SPF 25, primer, sunscreen, anti aging agent as well as moisturizer. It comes in 4 different shades.

On the other hand DD Concealer is labeled as ‘disguise and dimnish’ concealer which comes with light diffusing brighteners as well as antioxidants. It is available in three different tones to choose from. The dd concealer promises to hide away fine lines, wrinkles, redness as well as various other skin flaws.

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What are the Features of DD Creams?
  • Well DD creams can be said to be developed to deal with the tougher areas of our body like foot.
  • They will act as perfect moisturizer for the foot, knees, cracked heels.
  • DD creams works best for dry skin.
  • DD creams will also help in reducing the appearance of stretch marks.
  • DD creams will focus upon skin discoloration also.
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So What’s Next?

Well these have not yet hit the stores of US so probably you will have to wait to try these. Till then of course you can try and try BB creams as well as CC creams.

So, are you looking forward to using DD creams or not? Well, I am pretty excited to see how they will work on my feet and body.

I would love to hear your views about the upcoming DD Cream. Do let me know in the comment box below and yes do stay tuned to my blog, because once they come up, I would be posting more about them for you all!!!
Till then happy using BB and CC creams.

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