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Best Nail Polish Colors for Spring 2013 You Must Have in Your Collection

Hello my lovely beauty darlings!! Hope you are having fun and enjoying yourself in the vast pool of beauty and makeup essentials. Today, just out of the blue I felt hey why not write about some of the most promising nail colors for spring 2013!! Yeah...the thought came when I was just rambling around various beauty blogs and was really tempted and fascinated by the latest nail colors. So, here are some of the best nail polish colors which I am sure you cannot resist…buy them, adore them and of course flaunt them.

Well, I do hope you have already read my previous posts on China Glaze Hologlam Collection for Spring 2013

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Amazing Nail Polish Collection for Spring 2013
According to, “This spring is all about creamy pastels, shimmery nudes, and crazy texture effects”. As per, “This season, nail colors will be dreamlike and fit for a vintage candy store—beautiful whites and soft pastels with an emphasis on confectionary colors”.
Anyways, after much of detailed reviews and sneak peaks, I have been able to gather this collection for spring 2013 which I am sure you will surely like.

Dewey Nudes: This nude shade will give a dewey effect on your nails and a little bit of shimmer makes them worth it. (Pic color Chanel LeVernis Emprise, $27)

Pastel Yellow: This subtle yet graceful pastel yellow with lemon hued lacquer will certainly give a fresh look to your manicured nails. (Pic nail color Jasper Nail Lacquer, ButterLondon $15) 

Oscar de la Renta Larimar Nail Lacquer

Pale Cloud Blue: Now this color is somewhat similar to the weather which is typical of spring. This is a soft blue shade which surely you will admire.  (Pic. nailcolor Oscar de la Renta Larimar Nail Lacquer, $22)

Sugary Baby Pink: This color is my favorite, it just has that sweet chubby image reminding you of the college candy girl. Wow! It is simply meant for days when you want something natural and simple yet beautiful on your nails. (In Pic: OPI Nail Lacquer $6.27)
China Glaze "Tart-y For The Party"

Lavender: Almost every nail polish company has one shade or the other of this awesome color, and I am not amused to see it in the one of the best nail colors for spring 2013, because I just love this color. (even painted my room in lavender..). However, this one in the pic is China Glaze "Tart-y For The Party, $9.

L'Oreal Paris 'New Money'

Lime Green: This is certainly a dream color to try on your hands. It is simply too good. It will surely match your mood and personality on almost all occasions this spring. In pic L'Oreal Paris "New Money"

Don't Miss Reading: Latest Nail Trends 2013 less i have written, i know because this list is endless and goes on and on and i have some more commitments to meet, so sadly i have to end this up here only. However, i promise you all that surely i would be updating more of the best nail polish colors for spring 2013 for sure. I know a lot of your favorites are not to be seen in this list, so please please...all lovely gals, just drop in your comments below, you know how much i love reading you all and getting your view points. 

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