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Top 5 Essential Oils for Acne

top essential oils for acne
fight acne with essential oils
Essential oils are said to be quite popular when it comes to effective skin care. Well, when I first heard about these oils I was quite excited to know more about these oils. On further readings, I got to know that these essential oils have antiseptic properties and are antibacterial. Since, I have also suffered from acne so I read more about this specific topic as to how essential oils are effective in treating acne. Here I am writing about the top 5 essential oils which you can use if you suffer from acne or acne spots.
How Essential Oils Help to Reduce:
Essential oils have been found to help in reducing blemishes on the skin as well as fighting acne. Here, is what these oils basically do:
  • Since they are antibacterial, so they prevent the growth of bacteria and thus acne is controlled.
  • They help to minimize acne scars.
  • Essential oils help in healing acne pain
  • They help to reduce redness as well as swelling caused due to acne.
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Top 5 Essential Oils for Acne
Before I write about the top 5 essential oils for acne, I want to make you aware that the type of oil which will suit your acne problem also depends upon your skin types. So, what works for oily skin may not work for those with dry or sensitive skin.

tea tree essential oils for acne
tea tree essential oils for acne

Tea tree oil for acne: You must have seen so many beauty products which have tea tree oil as one of the main ingredients. This is in fact regarded as one of the most effective essential oils when it comes to fighting acne and acne scars. Tea tree oil is known to possess antimicrobial properties as well as act on bacteria and fungi. Tea tree is also known as ‘natural dettol’ as it is also good in treating skin rashes, wounds, blisters. It can also be used as wound cleaner too. It brings a soothing and calming effect on acne and works fast for treating acne. @amazon

essential oil for acne
Niouli forAcne Treatment

Niouli for Acne Treatment: This is quite similar to tea tree oil as it also contains antibacterial and therapeutic properties. You can use it for treating not just acne but boils too. @amazon

lavender oil for acne
Lavender Oil for Acne

Lavender Oil for Acne: Lavender oil is antiseptic in nature and is used for getting rid of scar tissues. This can be used for all skin types and is known to act as a healer. It has soothing effect on the skin. You can use it as a preventative oil for acne and thus will prevent the future growth of acne. It needs to be diluted before applying on the skin. Worth Buying

essential oil for acne
BergamotOil for Acne

Bergamot Oil for Acne Spots: This is said to be good for those with oily skin and suffering from acne. It contains a sweet smell like that of citrus and it also blends well into other oils, thus is effective. This is even used as a spot treatment for those suffering from acute acne. It not just calms your facial muscles but makes you feel relaxed also. @amazon

RoseMary Oil for Acne
RoseMary Oil for Acne

RoseMary Oil for Acne: Rosemary oil not just treats acne but also helps in reducing stress level too. It is soft on the skin and makes it smooth and moisturized. It is said to be quite powerful in terms of aroma. This oil helps in reducing excessive oil from the skin. It should not be used if you are having dry or very sensitive kind of skin. @amazon

Rosemary cream for acne

You might also be interested in buying Rosemary Cream for Acne
This acne cream is made up of pure herbs and is organic in nature. This is specially made for acne and blemishes and hence is found to be effective. (Well i couldn't find any of the reviews of this cream on amazon and hence i am not writing)

A note of Caution:
Let me tell my dear friends, that if you wish to use any of these essential oils you must first consult a licensed professional because these oils are said to be quite strong in nature than the rest of the oils. And if you are using on your own then always remember to dilute them. Whenever you go to buy these essential oils, it is a must that you should read the label and check out whether they are pre-diluted or not. However you can add some of the effective carrier oils to these essential oils if you want them to be diluted. Carrier oils include jojoba oil, carrot oil, almond oil, avocado oil, hazelnut.

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