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You Can’t Miss NARS Guy Bourdin Holiday Collection

You Can’t Miss NARS Guy Bourdin Holiday Collection

In spite of the numerous holiday collections which have been flooding the market lately, but this one is a sure shot for all the makeup lovers. The NARS Guy Bourdin Holiday Collection is a must to have and you would fall in love by its rich and luxurious colors. So you don’t believe me, then have a look:

These cinematic lipstick shades are exclusively part of the NARS Guy Bourdin lipstick collection. These are promised to deliver high saturation and intense color saturation and thereby give a fuller effect on your lips. These lip colors are rich and creamy and comfortable on your lips. The good aspect is that these are considered to be an innovative blend of lip conditioners and antioxidants and thereby ensures that your lips remain hydrated and nourished for longer hours. These lipsticks are enriched with monoi butter and vitamin E.
The shades available include:
  • Future Red (Cherry)
  • Short Circuit (Fire Coral)
  • Last Tango (Dusty rose)
  • Goodbye Emmanuelle (Hot pink)
  • Full Frontal (Rose violet)

 You Can’t Miss NARS Guy Bourdin Holiday Collection

NARS Guy Bourdin Blush
Beyond doubt, NARS is the ultimate authority when it comes to 'blush' in the makeup world. So you can very well know that these blush meant as a part of NARS Guy Bourdin too are going to be simply adorable and worth having. NARS offers some of the most iconic shades for your cheeks and all of these are healthy and natural shades and are known to enliven your cheeks like never before. These are silky textured in matte and shimmering shades, while the micronised powder ensures that your cheeks remain soft and smooth after the application.

These are available in three shades:

  • Exhibit A (Matte, vivid red)
  • Coeur Battant (Magenta)
  • Day Dream (Peachy pink)

NARS Guy Bourdin Cinematic Eyeshadow
The velvetty eyeshadow created exclusively as a part of this holiday collection has a soft and smooth touch. Its soft texture ensures that it glides smoothly on to your eyes and gives a high impact color with a metallic finish. The essential features of these eyeshadows is that these blend easily  and could serve various functions like highlighting, shading or lining. You can apply it in dry or in wet brush for a more dramatic effort and look. 

These eyeshadows are available in five shades:

  • Wishful Thinking (Macaw blue)
  • Rage (Electric orchid)
  • Bad Behaviour (Deep pewter)
  • Cambodia (Pink copper)
  • Mississippi Mermaid (Champagne)

NARS Guy Bourdin Nail Color Collection:

A must to have nail colors from NARS Guy Bourdin Collection. These will indeed make your nails perfectly manicured and give a wow feeling to you. These shades impart luster and UV protection to your nails and thereby prevent nails discoloration. Owing to the advanced polymer system, these nail colors are not just durable but chip resistant as well.

The shades includes the following:
  • Tomorrow’s Red (Scarlet flame)
  • Follow Me (Deep Fuchsia)
  • No Limits (Bright pink violet)
  • Union Libre (Blossom pink)


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