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I am a journalist by profession, pursued Research in the field of Advertising. I have been a triple Gold Medalist from my university and love to write, write and write. Perhaps that was the reason I chose to become a journalist. 
However that has been on the professional side, but personally I am a beauty addict. Trying different cosmetics, following a proper skin care routine has always been my hobby and passion for me. I remember since college days I used to try those different natural remedies and natural treatments on my skin for curing acne, getting shiny hair and doing AAh....so much.

 So, when I thought of becoming a blogger, the first thing was to develop a blog on a topic of my interest and where I can have a chance to meet fellow bloggers like me who think, dream and wish only of beauty and beauty. I made this blog because I wanted to share beauty tips and advices with girls who like me are passionate about their skin, hair and of course their body. But more importantly, to know from you all about different cosmetics and beauty products, natural skin care which of course I dont know about.

Of course, who doesn’t want to look beautiful and receive accolades and attention. Well I too fall in the same line and hence this blog is specifically intended to share with you all everything related with beauty- the skin care, hair care, makeup, beauty products and much more. Please feel free to share your views and opinions on the same. I want your feedback and your love.
And yes don’t forget to check out the Beauty Buzz section which will surely delight you and inform you of the best and worst in beauty care. 

"Apart from beauty, i have been blogging on different websites, blogs for various topics too like health care, personal fitness, exercises, business hubs, etc. So, i would be happy if you ask me to write a guest post for your blog provided you are sending the links back to my blog".

Thanks again, for visiting my blog, hope you liked it. Feel free to leave your comments because your feedback is of immense value to me, It would be my honour to listen from you all.

Have a great and beautiful day!!

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